Factory Minds "America's Not At War"

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Factory Minds "America's Not At War" Deluxe LP

This deluxe LP comes on coloured vinyl limited to 300 copies and includes the CD version!

Track listing
1. Better days
2. California Sun
3. Drunk Tank
4. Tragedy Of The Commons
5. Waiting In the Cold
6. Metropolis Unknown
7. Rhythm To My Blues
8. Hold On Honey
9. Factory Minds
10. The Way I Should Feel
11. Nothing To Give

FACTORY MINDS is a social statement referring to a narrow, one-way-track of consumerist thinking. As a band, Factory Minds stand for individualism, questioning corrupt authority and taking a stand on social injustice. They write frank and refreshing lyrics about post-9/11 America, personal philosophy, and are known to take a sarcastic swing at pop.

Difficult to categorise, Factory Minds draw influence from the vitriol of early punk, the rhythm of classic soul, and the angular experimental-ism of British post-punk. Their songs tend to be short, catchy and filled with memorable hooks in the tradition of '70s power pop. They've played shows with a wide variety of underground legends including: The Business, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Spider Stacey (the Pogues) & The Filthy Thieving Bastards, Pressure Point, The Inciters, The Old Firm Casuals, and the Boils.

Factory Minds formed in early 2008 when Rob Arms (rhythm guitar, vocals) approached former Last Chordz members Brando Kommando (lead guitar, vocals) and Noah Motion (bass, vocals) about starting a band that would mix Bay Area punk with classic American and British influences. After working on their early material with a drum machine, they recruited Surge la Force, from Rob's former band Call to Arms, on drums - thus solidifying the quartet.

After self-recording a series of free-to-download singles in 2008, the group went into the studio with producer Ray Stevens II (Los Olvidados, The Faction) to record the four song Better Days EP. They self-released the EP on CD-R with hand folded xeroxed album sleeves, and sold around 500 copies at local DIY shows and parties. Mike Erickson, lead singer of veteran Oi! band Pressure Point and owner of Downtown Academy Records, signed Factory Minds after watching them at the Tiger Rose Tattoo festival in 2009. When approaching the band, he noted that he hadn't seen a group that moving since hearing The Clash for the first time as a teenager.

In the Summer of 2009, Factory Minds began recording their debut LP America's Not At War. Rob left the band that May, just after finishing his guitar and vocal tracks, to pursue a teaching career in rural Spain. Former Call to Arms member Joel Switnic filled in while Rob was gone. In August 2010, Rob repatriated to America with empty pockets and a broken heart. Around that time, Joel moved to the Santa Cruz mountains to “rough it,” living a life of hunting, fishing and country music strumming by the campfire. With Joel no longer able to continue with the group, Rob retook his place in the band by early 2011.

America's Not At War was released on CD by Downtown Academy Records and on Vinyl by Arrest Records in August 2011. Factory Minds are currently supporting their album with Bay Area shows, and are writing and recording new material.